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Are you obsessed with brainstorming games like Quordle, Nerdle, and Wordle online? Well, now there is Taylordle, a Taylor Swift-themed game similar to popular word guessing games.

Still keeping the familiar gameplay but with its own uniqueness, this game has become very popular in a short time among Taylor Swift fans in particular and Wordle’s followers in general.

Taylordle Brief Description

It is a fun game that you will want to play for hours. Your task is not difficult: Guess a word within 6 tries. Although it sounds simple, it will be more complicated than you expect.

All the words or terms you need to guess are related to Taylor Swift’s life and her body of work (also known as the “Swiftie Universe”). So if you’re not a fan of this famous country singer, you’re at a disadvantage.

Even if you are one of those who are crazy about this sexy woman, it is not easy to conquer Taylordle. You will need to use your brainpower to guess the words in the 6 available attempts.

Aside from the Swift aspect, the rules of this game are the same as Wordle. You get six tries to guess the five-letter word of the day. Then you can publish your results like you would your Wordle results.

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How To Play Taylordle Game


Taylordle is a simple pastime that has become popular because of its simplicity. Like Wordle online or some other word guessing games, you have 6 attempts to guess words and terms related to Taylor Swift’s life.

They can consist of four to eight letters, and your task is to guess them as soon as possible and not get them wrong more than 6 times.

Step by Step Guide

  • Step 1: Type any word and term to begin playing (from 4 to 8 letters). Remember that your chosen word and term must be related to the Swiftie Universe. So anything with any other meaning will not be valid. Here’re some great examples: Debut, tory, kitty, swift, swift, album, and blood.
  • Step 2: After typing your entire word, Press “Enter” to send your response.
  • Step 3: Tap “Delete” if you need to delete misspelled letters and words.
  • Step 4: Utilize as few tries as possible and publicize your results with your friends! Remember that you only have six times to guess and Taylordle once per day.
  • Tips To Play Taylordle

    1. Use color hints to know how correct close your answer is, specifically:

  • Gray tiles: Your picked letters aren’t utilized in this word, meaning you have to choose other options.
  • Yellow tiles: Your selected letter was correct, but you must change its spot in the word.
  • Green tiles: You have chosen the proper letters and placed them in the correct spots.
  • 2. Get to know Taylor Swift: You can follow some fan pages of this famous singer or read news about her to understand her more.

    3. Search on the internet: When you have found some correct letters but still have no idea, you can google: Taylor Swift + .

    The Bottom Line

    If you are a die-hard fan of Taylor Swift and interested in word-guessing games, it would be a mistake not to try Taylordle at least once. Take a shot now to check out how knowledgeable you are about your idol!

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